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Sports Medicine

Through performance-based rehabilitation, individualized programs, in-depth analysis and conditioning ETC Physical Therapy can help you fully maximize your sport potential. Athletes come in a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes.  The demands of their sports differ, as do the surfaces they play on.  Our therapists will formulate a specialized treatment plan to rehabilitate each athlete for their sport.

Sports Rehabilitation should always incude “pre-hab.” Prevent an injury before it happens! Our Therapists are trained to put athletes through a thorough examination before the sports season starts, finding any deficiencies the athlete might have before the grueling season begins. Get in optimal shape to keep your risk of injuries to a minimum.

Common athletic conditions treated include:

  • Muscle Sprain and Strains
  • Shin Splints
  • Knee Injuries including patellofemoral pain, meniscal injuries, ligamentous injuries including ACL rehab
  • Shoulder injuries including rotator cuff tears, impingement, AC joint irritation, Labral tears, Frozen shoulder

When working with athletes, we work to return athletes to competition as quickly as possible, educate them about their injuries, help them take steps that may reduce the risk of re-injury, and simultaneously improve sport performance during rehabilitation.

We specialize in many sports injuries and our licensed therapists will work with you individually to address the concerns and goals of each athlete.